Kristen Stewart Finds True Love In Alicia Cargile?

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Kristen Stewart has been linked with many girls and guys for the past years, but is it true that she now has found true love in Alicia Cargile? She was connected to Lane Garrison, Rupert Sanders and, more recently, Soko. She is also best known for her relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. Now, after a breakup with Soko, Kristen Stewart is rumored to be finally back with Cargile, her personal assistant for some time.

As Inquisitr points out, it looks like Kristen Stewart is getting influenced more and more by Cargile, in a good way. Cargile, through their relationship and being her personal assistant, has been spotted many times to don a rocker casual chic look. Now, Kristen Stewart looks like she is catching up to this look. This could mean that she had been shopping and trying that look on or she might even be swapping clothes with Cargile–something that she never could have done with Pattinson. Well, maybe not in public.

Is this a sign of true love? Well, some think that this is a sign of such. According to the Daily Mail, since Kristen Stewart and Cargile rekindled their romance, they are going stronger and stronger. Kristen Stewart was spotted in Los Angeles smiling as they were shopping at GANT. Inquisitr added that both of them are quite inseparable right after Kristen Stewart?s split with French singer Soko.

It certainly seems that Cargile is a big influence in Kristen Stewart?s life as she chose to be back with her after the Soko breakup. Inquisitr speculates that their closeness is because Cargile understands Kristen Stewart the most as she worked as her personal assistant before. Kristen Stewart certainly looks more relaxed with Cargile.

Is this it for Kristen Stewart? Or, will she and Pattinson be back again? Well, Kristen Stewart is still young and she might end up dating other people but certainly at this point in her life, Cargile seems to be the best fit for her.

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