Kristen Stewart Cheats on St. Vincent, Gets Physically Abused in Return

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Kristen Stewart


Looks like it?s the end of the relationship of Kristen Stewart and indie goddess, St. Vincent. Rumor has it the Kristen Stewart is seeing a new gal.

Kristen Stewart wasn?t just spotted with her rumored girlfriend. She?s also spotted with bruises and scrapes. What might have happened between Stewart and St. Vincent? Was she abused by St. Vincent because of this new girl?

Let?s see what?s really going on.

Kristen Stewart spotted with a new girl

Kristen Stewart was previously seen with Victoria?s Secret Model, Stella Maxwell in Georgia, on Wednesday. In previous reports, Maxwell was said to be dating Miley Cyrus; but the speculations were later confirmed as false.

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However, things might be different for Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart. They seem to be really comfortable and happy having each other?s company.

Kristen Stewart

In fact, there are news that claims that Maxwell often visits Kristen Stewart in the filming of her upcoming movie, Savannah. The rumored couple was even seen spending time together around town.

In May, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell were seen leaving a Met Gala together. But Stewart was still dating Alicia Cargile back then. She even shut the issue down by saying that though she?s broken up with Cargile a couple of times, the two are still very in love.

The two eventually split, and Kristen Stewart was rumored to be dating St. Vincent, in October. But just this week, St. Vincent was seen again with her ex-girlfriend, Cara Delevingne, which really brought fans into shock.

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Did St. Vincent Physically Abuse Kristen Stewart

Besides her public appearances with Stella Maxwell, the twilight actress was also spotted with bruises on her face, and her fans have been dead worried after seeing her pictures.

As per Yahoo, there were a lot of speculations about where Stewart got her bruises, rumors even say that St. Vincent abused the actress. She might have gotten it from filming or partying.

But for now, there isn?t any confirmation about where Kristen Stewart got her bruises. But we all sure hope that she?s doing okay! Check out The Bitbag for more juicy updates about Kristen Stewart.

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