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Kojima Barring In Game Awards Criticized By Industry Movers, Konami A Disappointment?

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How the gaming industry reacts to Konami on barring Kojima to attend Game Awards

Konami?s move to prevent Hideo Kojima to attend a recent game awards show had cause some of the people from the gaming industry to show their dismay.

The issue between Konami and Metal Gear Solid series creator Hideo Kojima had become worse over the months even before the launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. As it first started as a rumor then with many backings from credible individuals, it was unfortunately real that Kojima will be leaving Konami. But the worst scenario happened when he was supposed to attend the Game Awards 2015 to receive his awards for his game, as he was barred to attend due to the ongoing contract with Konami that will end on December.

And because of that, some people from the gaming industry shared their disappointment over the social media. From different companies and positions, many have expressed their support for Hideo Kojima and their dismay on Konami, here are some of the posts on Twitter:


From personalities such as Vince Zampella; the founder of Infinity Ward, Andrea Pessino; Ready at Dawn Founder, Cliff Bleszinski; founder of Boss Key Productions, inXile founder Brian Fargo, Sebastien Viard; Graphics Technical Director of Far Cry 4 and Ubisoft Senior PR Stone Chin.

Hopefully once the contract ends, Kojima could finally do all of his dream projects, unfortunately this would also mean the end of his work for Metal Gear Solid, since Konami owns the rights for that franchise, Kojima may have to start a new project, but on the bright side, this means he now has more freedom in creating his projects.

And after all the support made by the gaming industry as well from the fans, Kojima left a tweet message to show his gratitude.


There is still no news on the future of Metal Gear Solid, but Konami has insisted that they might release more games for the famous series.

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