Koei Tecmo America Shares More about AR Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star

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There are a lot of sci-fi titles set to come out this October for the game consoles and for the PC. While PC gamers are anxiously waiting for the latest Age of Wonders or Galactic Civilizations game to come out on PC, console gamers are eagerly waiting for the October of 2014 just for the sheer volume of games coming out at the same time. It?s a good month to be a gamer, obviously.

However, here we take a look at another game, Ar Nosurge, which is coming out a month before the October gaming fireworks. Ar Nosurge, in all sense of the word, is a sci-fi RPG. It?s also a ?7 Dimension? game, set in a world where music and song makes for a very potent magical mix. It is also set in a place where the protagonists are in search of a place to call home, having lost their planet years prior to the game. Since then, they have been scouring the fringes of space for a new place to call their home.

In this game, we are introduced to two sets of coupled-characters: Delta and Casty, humanity?s heroes and saviors of a world in transit, and Ion and Earthes, two castaways who are desperate to step once again on Earth. The gameplay alternates between the stories of the two character groups; there is a point in the game which eventually branches the two stories together, and by interchanging, strategies can be developed to help move the story forward and finally solve the mystery of their struggle.

A Look at the Game?s Progression

Koei Tecmo, developers of the ?7 Dimension? sci-fi Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, has recently released new images and a trailer for the game, which is set to come out in September in the US for the PS3. The trailer featured more about the cast, story, and the art, as well as how the game plays out. As an addition, the company also said that there are incentives for those who are pre-ordering the game; early birds can receive a DLC with Misogi Expansion Packs and a dynamic custom theme which will be based on a game element, namely the Felion Console.

Ar Nosurge?s world is like any other game world. Players will get to peer into screenshots that go through some beautiful stages in the game?city streets, cozy restaurants, sub-terranean labs and otherworldly locals. These are just a few of the game?s elements that people are going to be treated to.

The new images will also focus on the playable characters, as well as their backstories. The character Delta has come through to protect humans, a duty entrusted by the Special Forces team. Earthes, a combat robot, will help Ion, an enigmatic adventurer, on her quest. Ion and Casty will also make an appearance in the images. Ion will be seen curiously tinkering machines, creating devices, while Casty will be seen in her post as a part of the Special Forces ?Genomis Task Force?, thanks to her ability in weaving spells from combining music and song.

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