Koe No Katachi Movie Is The Next Kimi No Na Wa

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The 2016 Japanese anime Koe no Katachi movie (A Silent Voice) might be the next Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) after its successful release on September 17.

The animated film based on Yoshitoki Oima’s manga has been selling 1.6 million tickets on its eighth weekend. The total tickets cost 2.1 billion yen (approximately $20.1 million).

The film has no international release yet but it is closely going after Kimi No Na Wa. Makoto Shinkai’s Kimi No Na Wa premiered in California on July 3. Since its premiere, it earned a total gross of $174 million as of November 13.


Naoko Yamada’s Koe No Katachi made it as second at box offices in Japan. It has now exceeded the box office earnings of K-ON! and Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 3: Rebellion. The animated film K-ON! and Koe No Katachi were both produced by Kyoto Animation.

Since Koe No Katachi movie’s release, more theaters extended the film’s schedule through December 3.

Koe No Katachu Spoiler: A Quick Review

This Japanese anime school drama film’s story focuses on friendship between former classmates Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya. Ishida is a delinquent who bullied his elementary deaf classmate, Nishimiya.

Nishimiya goes to another school afterwards and she keeps a resentment towards Ishida. This event makes Ishida feel the same situation he inflicted on his deaf classmate to the point that he considers suicide.

Their paths crossed again and the bully apologizes to Nishimiya. She accepts his apology and they begin to spend time with each other. He even studied sign language to prove that he is really sincere with his intentions..

Nishimiya loathes herself from being deaf. In fact, her deafness caused the divorce between her parents. Nishimiya tends to be also suicidal especially when she learn how her new friend, Ishida, suffered because of her. The deaf girl almost lost her life if not because of Ishida. Ishida comes to her rescue when she attempts to take her own life.

Watch the extended trailer of Koe No Katachi below and fall in love with its story:


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