Kodak Black Dead Twitter Video Not True; Where To Stream His Album

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Kodak Black Dead
Kodak Black Dead

2016 was a tough year for fans around the world. So many great iconic celebrities had untimely passed on in 2016. And just days before 2017, Carrie Fisher had been taken from us as well.?

And now there are?recent claims based on a Twitter video that point out hip hop artist Kodak Black has joined the list of dead celebrities this 2016. This is simply not the case. Kodak Black is still alive and the Twitter video is false.?

Kodak Black Dead Twitter Video

Reports of Kodak Black being fatally wounded from gunshots emerged last Monday, December 26. The supposed incident had taken place in Pompano Beach, the artist?s hometown. The news of Black?s death started circulating a day after rapper Troy Ave had been shot twice on his way to see his family for Christmas.

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A very compelling twitter video has made many people believe that the Koday Black was indeed dead. The video was a quick recording of police in what appears to be some public disturbance such as the aftermath of a shooting.?

The video certainly left quite an impact on social media with many fans prematurely writing the artist off. The hash tag #PrayForKodak also escalated quickly on Twitter alongside fan remorse.?


With the news of Kodak Black?s death gaining traction quick, his official representatives have finally stepped in to clear everything up. Black is alive and well and all the rumors and the video is just completely false.?

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And even though the damage has been done with many fans already regretting prematurely writing their goodbyes for Black, at least we know now that 2016 didn?t succeed in taking him as well. If you still want to see the Kodak Black dead video that started all this mess then click?here. And if you want to stream his latest mixtapes on his album then click over?here. ?

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