Kobe Paras Cut from UCLA’s Scholarship Program to Make Way for Bryce Alford?

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Kobe Paras? fight to keep his NBA dream is not yet over, at least not when he?s striving to once again find a school that will respect and give credit to his talent and academic eligibility. According to recent reports, there has apparently been some sort of player manipulation on the part of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) that resulted in Kobe Paras getting the boot from the scholarship roster.

In an article by Joaquin Henson of PhilStar, he weighed in on the situation and why Kobe Paras, the 18-year-old native of the Philippines, was let go by the UCLA. The school?s inability to give clear details on Kobe Paras? departure from the school remains a big question to those who are following the young star?s journey to the NBA.

It?s a bit disconcerting that a university like UCLA cannot disclose the reason behind their player leaving the school. A telltale sign that shows that Paras didn?t choose to leave the school on his own is his apparent enrolment in the summer school, where practices in the UCLA have also began.

Did UCLA coach Steve Alford actually chose Bryce Alford over Kobe Paras during the selection process? According to some reports, it was actually the university’s policy on scholarship allocations that might have cut Kobe Paras in the process.

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Apparently, according to Henson, Paras made the ultimate sacrifice and had to leave after UCLA failed to get in touch with him in time and let him know of the real situation. He also quoted a report from Los Angeles that says ?If the SAT was the issue, Kobe could have retaken the test if it was not high enough for UCLA?s standards. But UCLA didn?t say anything until June 29 and Kobe was already one week into summer school and practicing with the team. Then, he was asked to withdraw. He is a three-star player and the other three recruits are four and five-star players.?

Henson?s claims were featured on the Bruin Nation wherein, the website cited his concerns, contradicting them with their own understanding of the issue. What are your thoughts about Kobe Paras? apparent withdrawal from UCLA? Do you think coach Steve Alford may have something to do with it? Don?t miss the latest news on sports by checking on TheBitBag.

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