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Ever wondered who?s the man behind the success of Team Dignitas, the international online sports team founded as the fusion of Sweden Kompanix and Legion Condor?

The answer to your question is none other than William Li Xi?ol?ng, better and much more popularly known as Scarra. Hailing from Houston, Texas, not only is he the coach of the Team Dignitas; he also serves as a substitute Mid laner.

Timeline of Scarra?s League of Legends Career

Here?s a quick look at the humble beginnings of Scarra all the way to the success he is enjoying nowadays.

  • Beta ? He became a player of League of Legends even before Season 1 came out, though he wasn’t a professional player.


  • Season 1 ? After showing great skills, he was able to achieve third ranking in the solo queue. He did this after 23 Katarina games, 22 of which he won. It was also during Season 1 of League of Legends when he, together with Araragi, Voyboy, Rambo, and Naryt, formed Rock Solid. Their team got 3rd place at the Newegg Winter Wanfest of 2010.


  • Pre-Season 2 ? Rock Solid was noticed by Team Dignitas. The team was then searching for a new LoL team to sponsor after its team then, which was based in Europe, was disbanded. Soon after, Scarra and the other members were able to establish their group as one of North America?s premier League of Legends teams.


  • Season 2 ? He started Season 2 with strong gaming skills and qualities, and thanks to these, Team Dignitas was chosen as one of the seven other North American teams to participate in the Curse Invitational.


  • Season 3 ? Scarra played a huge role in Team Dignitas? success in Season 3.

After his successful professional career in League of Legends, he decided to retire from the scene. And as you may well be aware of, he has been given the role of Team Dignitas? coach and is still doing his responsibilities quite impressively.

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