How to Know which iPad Fits You

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Apple sells four distinct iPad versions in the market. People wanting to have one have their own reasons: for work, in school, or simply for personal use. So how do you know which version matches you?

What They All Share in Common

There are two iPad Minis and two 9.7 ? inch iPads. The current roster of iPads is better than before, but it can get confusing to choose the right one. Basically, all of them have Lightning connectors and can be outfitted with LTE antennas for only $129. They also have great battery life that last for at least 10 hours.

However, when you check each of them, they do not share the same features under the hood. The iPad Mini has a lower A5 processor and resolution display, while the larger ones have more in common.

The Non ? Retina iPad Mini


This is Apple?s most budget ? friendly iPad for only $299, which came out late 2012. It has an A5 processor and available only in 16GB. The LTE costs $129 separately. This is for users who are on a tight budget and only want a basic, no ? frills, e ? reader type of iPad.

The 4th Generation iPad (with Retina Display)

For only $399, you can save over $100 from buying the Air and still enjoy the same quality. This version and the iPad Air both have the same 2, 048 x 1, 536 resolution, same 264 pixel per inch density, and the same picture quality. This is perfect for consumers looking for a great ? looking screen with a tight budget. It is not for those who want a light tablet because this version is the heaviest of them all at 1.44 pounds.

The iPad Mini (with Retina Display)

This one costs the same as the 16GB 4th generation iPad for $399 and also has Retina Display. It comes in 32, 64 and 128GB capacities, as well. The LTE costs an additional $129. The iPad Mini that has Retina Display is great for those hungry for the best tech in an iPad at a cheaper cost.

The iPad Air

This is Apple?s flagship iPad version for $499. It comes with improved LTE and Wi-Fi antennas, which means three things: better throughput, better range and more carriers (for LTE). If you are willing to spend $499 for an iPad and do not want to upgrade for a while, then this is for you.

So, what?s your pick?

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