How to Know When a Child Should Own a Smartphone

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A child?s life today is no longer the same as how the present adults have lived their childhood several years or decades ago. However, they do share one thing in common: living in many firsts. The only difference is that kids nowadays look forward to their first gadgets, particularly a smartphone. This kind of craving is not easy for most parents to provide because most smartphones cost a lot. There are also risks involved when a child owns something that could get him into trouble.

Parents Spend More on their Child?s Phone

Parents may also end up spending more money for their child?s data plan than on her first car. Provider of inexpensive teen mobiles Scratch Wireless said that parents usually shell out an average of $10, 500 for a child?s phone service between 12 and 22 years of age. A survey conducted by AT&T also reveals that an average child gets her first mobile phone as early as 12 years old.

What is the Right Age to Give Kids a Smartphone?


So, when should you give your child his or her first smartphone? According to Yahoo Tech Columnist Dan Tynan, his survey reported parents wanting to give their children a smartphone when they have reached middle school. Communication has been made easy by the latest mobile devices out in the market.

Once a child goes to middle school, they often have afterschool activities and having a phone let them tell their parents that they will be home late because of practice. Parents could feel better when they could get in touch directly to their kids. However, family therapist Jo Langford said parents must never buy their child a mobile phone. Instead, buy two: one is the phone your child wants, while the other is a cheap phone.

Parents must give a condition on the better phone by telling their child to provide all the passwords of the device. They should also let the child know that they may check the phone anytime. The cheap phone will be given if the child fails to comply with these conditions. Another option is to get a smartphone with built ? in parental controls.

Prepaid Card is the Better Option

Mom and Dad could save more money by giving their kids a prepaid calling card. Once they have run out of load, that?s it. Instead of getting a mobile plan that shocks you every billing day, get the safest option to save yourself from bankruptcy.

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