Knight?s and Magic: A New Mecha Anime Series with a Girlish Male Lead?

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Knight?s and Magic Anime

The Knight?s and Magic light novel series is on its way to becoming a television anime adaptation of the same title. The news came as reported on the AnimeNewsNetwork. The series? writer, Amazake No Hisago began writing in October 2010 and it has then been adapted into a manga by Takuji Katou as of last April.

Knight?s and Magic Synopsis:

One day a young man from Japan encounters a terrible car accident that took away his life. His soul then gets reincarnated into an alternate world where humanoid weapons called Silhouette Knights exist. He now becomes Ernesti Echevarriar (Eru) with a body of a pretty young boy. Somehow Eru?s memories during his previous life are intact and he remembers well that he is once a mecha otaku. Excited with the robots in this new world, he drags his childhood friends, Archid and Adeltrud Walter, to become Knight Runners, which are pilots of the said Silhouette Knights.

Ernesti Echevarria

The protagonist of this story is timid and always composed, but if Silhouette Knights are mentioned, he transforms into an excited robot nerd. He is very studious, however, he is also known for often skipping his other classes, just to attend lectures about Silhouette Knights. Dreaming of becoming a pilot and to create a mecha of his own is the only thing in his mind.

Unfortunately, it troubles him that he?s short and and looks a bit girlish and feminine. Eru has a beautiful face and beautiful deep blue eyes that are very irresistable to people. He sports a bob cut that falls below his chin. People would tend to hug him whenever they please because of his cuteness.

Knight?s and Magic Anime

Though despite his appearance, Eru is brave and very protective of his friends. At one point he even challenges a Behemoth to a fight by himself.

Knight?s and Magic has 28 chapters and has a score of 7.65/10 at MyAnimeList.

Read the web novel here. This series is for those who like magic and reincarnation stories.

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