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Knight Slinger Update: Gamevil’s Drag And Launch RPG Globally Available On Android And iOS

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Gamevil previously soft launched a puzzle-RPG?game in select territories, and the company has now made it available globally. If you are a fan of drag and launch puzzle games, then Knight Slinger could be your new favorite app.

Knight Slinger is a role-playing game that allows players to collect heroes and form a group in order to defeat the Goddess, Odelia, who has declared war on your homeland. In order for you to progress through the game, you need to improve and strengthen your team.

Each character of the game will fall under one of the six hero classes. These said classes would have their own unique skills, attacks ?and abilities that the players can use to their advantage.

Examples of these attacks can differ from ranged attacks to physical hand-to-hand attacks. The same method applies with the skills which can range from debuffing enemies to launching big, damaging skills.

Furthermore, players can enhance their heroes up to the highest tier, which is a six star. Along with the heroes leveling up, they can also learn their Ultimate skills and their unique Leader Skills.

In using the Leader skill, players must remember that it will give your party (or a certain class) an additional boost when the said particular hero is placed as a leader of your team. So make sure you strategize well before you enter a battle.

Another factor to consider is that each hero has his own elemental alignment (there is a total of six elements all in all). The same thing goes with the enemies. Make sure you choose the correct hero for your battles.

As for the gameplay, it is a drag, aim and release type of battle style that is similar to playing a pinball game. Melee characters can also bounce around like a pinball and attack a number of enemies in the process.

Knight Slinger is a mix of two genres of gaming all rolled into one 3D adventure app. With a total of 350 characters to choose from, players will definitely enjoy the wide variety of options they can pick to create the strongest team.

As stated above, the game is now globally available. You can finally download it for free on Google Play.

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