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Knack 2 Release Date Revealed In New Trailer, Pre-Orders Now Live

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Sony is currently at the center of E3 2017 and it’s beginning to show off quite a few titles already. Before the main show, Sony already had a few reveals in store for PlayStation owners. One of the revealed titles is another PlayStation 4 exclusive, which is the sequel to 2013’s Knack. A lot of new details have been revealed regarding the game including the Knack 2 release date.

During the Sony pre-show, we got to see the Knack 2 release date and a few gameplay moments for the upcoming title. The game will arrive on Sept. 25 and it’s going to sell for $39.99. Pre-orders for the title are now available and those who want to try out the game already have a few new stuff to check out first.

Knack 2 Gameplay

Knack 2 will have a lot of focus on platforming and combat once again. There are going to be a lot of improvements for the sequel as the first game wasn’t well received by players. The first game was criticized for being a very basic beat ‘em up title and the developer isn’t too shy about the shortcomings of the first game as well.

In the gameplay footage, we see one character say to Knack “it’s hard to believe you saved the world. All you know are three punches and a kick.” To answer this major flaw, the developer is going to add a more in-depth combat system to the sequel and Knack will have access to more than just a few new moves. Still, the combat system is same as with the first game and the only difference is Knack’s wider range of attacks.

The developer is definitely looking to make combat and several aspects of the game more exciting so that those who played the first game, are going to get a completely revamped experience in the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

We also got to see some cooperative multiplayer action for Knack 2 and it looks like a pretty good experience. Players will be forced to use brawns, brains, and a lot of communication when playing with each other in Knack 2 and this is perhaps one of the defining features in the sequel.

Although Knack 2’s reveal wasn’t well received, the title is looking pretty amazing nonetheless and players should still check it out.

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