Knack 2 Release Date And Gameplay: What We Know So Far

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It looks like Knack 2 is actually happening. After plenty of rumors, the sequel to the platformer was shown at PlayStation Experience 2016. While it didn’t look too different from the first game, there were a few improvements made and it even impressed some fans. The real question is when the Knack 2 release date will be revealed.

Despite having a number of fans, the first Knack received low scores from most critics. Though the gameplay was harmless, people felt that the story and the levels could have been more imaginative. Still, as a launch title it seems to have done well, or at the least Sony sees potential in the series.

Got The Knack For This?

One of the highlights about the Knack 2 video was the co-op mode. Featuring two different colored versions of the title character, two friends can team up and do the story together. From what can be seen, the gameplay does actually look pretty fun and should be a nice alternative to Crash Bandicoot.

It seems like Sony wants this game to be better than the first. Even those that did like the game felt that it wasn’t a great one and could have been improved upon. Though some believe the same can be said with the PS4 exclusive The Order 1886, and many felt saddened that a sequel to this game hasn’t been announced yet.?

Knack 2 Meet You

While it’s not clear if Knack 2 will be a great title, it does look better than the first game. Visuals are lovely and quite colorful, while the level design looks more imaginative. Having improved couch co-op will also be enough for fans of local multiplayer, as it actually looks pretty fun. There?s no word yet if there will be an online co-op feature.

It seems like Sony is hellbent on making the game series work and they might succeed. There are fans that actually like the first game, despite all of it’s flaws. Like the first game, the sequel will be a PS4 exclusive.

So far, we only that the Knack 2 release date will be in sometime in the second half of 2017, so fans will have to wait a good while. The first Knack has become a Greatest Hit title and can be purchased now on the PS4.

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