Knack 2: Gameplay Improvements Discussed, Including Co-Op And Checkpoints

knack 2
Knack 2 will have several improvements. [Image from PlayStation YouTube]

Despite the first game getting mediocre reviews, there is some excitement for Knack 2, which comes out later this year. It seems like the developers have taken the game’s various complaints to heart, promising a much better followup for fans. With platformers making a pseudo comeback, it will be interesting to see if the sequel does better than the first.

Thanks to a preview from Polygon, fans now know the various improvements made to make the game a better experience. Combat is going to have more depth and there will be more level variety, mixing up platforming, fighting and stealth. Overall, it’s clear that Sony wants this series to succeed and fans can only hope the title is good.

Checkpoint and Co-Op Improvements

More gameplay variety is nice, but one of the bigger features Knack 2 has is two-player couch co-op. While there was some co-op in the first Knack, it felt like an afterthought, something the developers admitted as well. In the sequel, the second player will always be a part of the action, even though there’s no story explanation.

Fans of the previous game will also be happy to know that there will be more checkpoints in the sequel. Though the first game wasn’t too difficult, it was frustrating to die in certain parts and start from the beginning. Now that there are more checkpoints, we can expect less frustration when dying in certain parts of the game.

Other Improvements

As mentioned before, Knack 2 will have more combat and level variety, something the first game severely lacked. From what was seen in the trailer, it seems like the game’s visuals have also been improved, looking more current-gen. Whether the actual game is good or not remains unknown, so we’ll wait till it comes out this year.

Though it look better than it’s predecessor, the platformer does have a good number of rivals this year. Yooka-Laylee might not have gotten rave reviews, but it’s a solid platformer that many Rare fans are enjoying. The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is set for a June release and looks really good as well.

Knack 2 currently has no release date, but it is slated for a 2017 release so fans should be patient. In the meantime, players can try out the original Knack, which got mediocre reviews, but managed to find a fanbase. Expect more news on the game during E3 2017.

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