KKK Trump Victory Parade Is Purge 2016 Event? Which Places To Avoid

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KKK Trump Victory Parade
KKK Trump Victory Parade

Donald Trump is president and the American people?s reactions so far has been at the extremes of both sides of the spectrum. People are either hysterically happy or horrifically sad to tears (literally).

And so far there has been a lot of craziness happening all over the country, and the internet. We have angry protesters throwing fits in the streets, and know it looks we may have something worse to worry about.

One of Trump?s most avid supporters during his campaign is about to throw a big celebration. Which group is it? Well it?s none other than the Ku Klux Klan.

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The KKK are planning to throw a grand victory parade in honor of Trump. The parade is known as a kavalkade. The announcement was made official on their website, KKKnights.

The event will feature heavy racist undertones. It was stated how member?s want to live apart from other ?darker races? while maintaining that they aren?t hateful and certainly not evil (that?s hard to believe).

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It was also added that the group is apparently ready to fight for their beliefs and values. Finally the group also associates itself with Christ as their bid to combat evil. The kavalkade is set to happen on December 3, 2016 in North Carolina.

Donald Trump?s Victory Speech

Donald Trump?s Victory Speech


Given the group?s hateful and violent history, and its overall shady undertones, many are already worried what kind of a celebration is set to take place. And the paranoid have already started speculations that an incoming purge may be set to happen.

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It?s true that the KKK have conducted mass murder back in the distant past, but it’s pretty unlikely that they?ll be able to get away with such a deed in this day and age.

We speculate that if something violent were to take place during the events of the kavalkade, it would either be violent protests, or isolated attacks. Violence at protests is already becoming staple, add in a big racist parade into the mix and mayhem is set to happen.

As for the isolated attacks, if the group does decide to spill blood on their kavalkade day, they would most likely choose well planned assaults in order for them to get away with the deed. Either way, North Carolina doesn?t seem to be safe on December 3.

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