Kissenger Gadget: The Solution for Long-Distance Lovers? Loneliness

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There?s a new innovation called the Kissenger which allows people to send their loved ones a kiss?literally.

With technology, there?s no room for loneliness. Just when people thought video-calling is the best thing technology can offer to long-distance lovers, they might as well think again.

What is Kissenger?

Originally conceptualized in 2011 at the National University of Singapore, Singapore incorporated Kissengers Pte Ltd adapted the idea and turned it into reality in 2012. Developers from Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, USA, Spain, and China made the Kissenger possible in a?span of 2 years, and was first shipped last 2015.

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Derived from the terms Kiss and Messenger, the ?Kissenger? is the first ever usable device that could send actual kisses through a device. The developers of the product basically aims to improve emotional communication through the use of the device.


Emma Yann Zhang, one of the developers of its prototype explained at the Love and Sex with Robots Congress, how kissing is the universal expression of affection. She said that Kissenger allows lovers to maintain the intimacy in their relationships no matter how far they are from each other.

How Kissenger works

The Kissenger basically allows lovers to kiss each other through the Internet using the plastic pad connected to the bottom part of the smartphone holster. What it does is it sends the sensation through the holster, to the identical pad attached to his/her partner?s phone.

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The pressure sensors and actuators are responsible for transmitting the ?kiss? to the indentical device, thus, making his/her partner feel the sensation. Besides sending a kiss, the kissenger app also allows lovers to chat through videocall.

Though the Kissenger allows its users to send kisses, the device can only send to as far as a smooch (basically any kiss that doesn?t involve a tongue.)

Creators of the Kissenger are also aware that they still have a long way to go before the gadget could replicate kisses flawlessly. But at least for now, people can now send kisses, literally.

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