Kiss Me Through the Phone: Our Look at Some Couple Apps

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Back in the old days, giving flowers and holding hands were mushy enough. Now you have technology to make things more awkward for the general public around you and for your significant other.

Couples have enjoyed the marvels of smartphones and the couple apps available to them. There has been a growing market in terms of people and couples who need more things on their handsets to keep them connected to their loved ones. Here are a few:


Your favorite person isn?t with you? That?s alright. You can kiss your phone for them. Named after the fruit that only grows in pairs, Avocado offers a particular feature that allows you to let your partner know how much you care.


Users on both ends interact with their phone as they would their partner. They could hug it, kiss it or hold it and it would vibrate on the other end to let the other party know that contact has been made. Missing someone has never become more weird and direct. The application also provides private messaging and calendar sharing; the usual activities that couples also do. Besides kissing their phones as a substitute.


Couple Tracker

Has there ever been a more romantic name for a couple app? We believe this is the best app for the paranoid lover. This one features social sharing. What does this mean, you ask? This little trinket of love allows couples to see who calls, texts, emails and messages each other IN REAL TIME. That?s right. You get to see who talks to your partner and your partner gets to see who talks to you.

Hold on, honey. Daddy’s three meters from the grocery store. He’ll get the milk as long as he doesn’t make any sidetrips to the sexy magazine stand.

It?s like pre-nuptial practice made mobile. And since the word ?tracker? is in the app name; you guessed it. Finding your partner?s location is also made possible through this marvel of paranoid technology. The app updates location statuses ever thirty minutes and it is operational the whole day. Do you miss your honeypeach? After this app, we won?t think so anymore.


Love Widget

Discreet and helpful. Just the way guys like it

Now this, THIS is something every guy needs. This screen gadget tracks how long you and the partner have been together and when to celebrate anniversaries. No more last minute shopping and remembering! Now you can keep on working and gaming without having to worry if you?ve forgotten something. Rest easy, my friend.



Just like the one above, this one comes with anniversary reminders AND a little more. Been eating at the same Chinese restaurant for months? This application uses your location data to find affordable places to which to take your partner! No need to google stuff anymore. And now, you know exactly what to say when the dreaded question of ?where to eat? comes to the conversation.

You shot down all my dinner suggestions and it’s still MY FAULT that you’re hungry??


Besides that, it also allows you to keep a timeline of your activities like a mobile scrapbook you can take anywhere and probably show off to all your single friends to make them more miserable.


Indeed, relationships have become more dynamic (and demanding) thanks to these developments. Today?s lover will need more than a box of chocolates this time to make things work. TheBitBag is now currently on the lookout for an application that will help us understand women.


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