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‘Kiss Bang Love’ No Match Vs. ‘Sex Box USA’?

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Australia?s Kiss Bang Love (KBL)?is currently experiencing an all-time low when it comes to the ratings. Furthermore, there is a new reality show titled Sex Box USA that fans might find more interesting than KBL and may perform even better in terms of TV ratings.

Kiss Bang Love is a reality TV show on Seven Network that matched ten singles with 15 potential partners. Instead of going on a date with those potential partners, the singles are going to kiss them and decide who they are going to take on a romantic weekend holiday.

Although the show?s premise is kind of unique and interesting, the viewers are clearly not amazed with people showing overt public display of affection. In fact, compared to the previous dating show of the network like Married At First Sight and Seven Year Switch, KBL records the lowest rating.

According to News Australia, Married At First Sight and Seven Year Switch have an average viewers of 905,000 and 828,000, respectively. While for KBL, it only recorded an average of 479,000 audience every episode. That is an all-time low for the Seven Network?s dating programs. Not only that, there is a new reality show in time that could possibly worsen the TV ratings of the show.

The show is titled Sex Box USA, which is an American adaptation of Sex Box UK, and it is airing on SBS2. Here is how the show would go. There are going to be troubled couples who will appear in a talk-show format, sitting in front of a panel (relationship and sex experts), who are going to ask them about the problems they are experiencing.

After that, the couple will be sent in a soundproof box where they will have to sex. After they have done the deed, they are going to change their outfits with an intimate apparels available in the box before coming out and sitting again with the experts.

Now, the show aims to catch each couple at their most honest selves, which, according to studies is after sex. According to Herald Sun Australia, couples who just had sex are more prepared to listen and vulnerable because of the magic love hormone, oxytocin. With that, they are going to talk more intimately with each other, which the show hopes can resolve their issues.

Again, like the premise of Kiss Bang Love, this kind of program is also unique and interesting. Although Australian viewers are not fond of watching couple?s public display of affection on national television like in KBL, there is a possibility that a show that features couples having sex in a box could capture the interests of the viewers.

That would leave a thought that Sex Box USA is going to be more successful than KBL when it comes to TV ratings, especially with the dramas Sex Box could bring after the couple has done the deed inside the box.

For now, the only thing we can do is wait for the development of each show. What show do you think can record a more decent TV ratings in the future? Is it Kiss Bang Love or Sex Box USA? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The former airs every Tuesday on Seven at 8:45 p.m. While for the latter, it airs Sundays on SBS2 at 10:20 p.m.

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