Kiss Bang Love Australia: Social Media Team Can’t Be Bothered With Own Show?

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Kiss Bang Love Australia hasn?t been having the best season, to say the least. Despite its titillating premise, it?s been predicted for cancellation two episodes in, and gimmicks to draw viewers to it, like the ?kiss bang shocker? and a schedule change, have failed. And now, it looks like even the people tasked with promoting it don?t even care anymore.

In much the same way that its remaining viewers? questions about the recent schedule change were ignored on their official Facebook page, new questions about the replayed episode aired last night have been met with silence on the show?s Facebook page. Viewer Nadejda Mihova never got a reply to her question about whether yesterday?s show was a repeat, and viewer Paige Dawn Dawson was also met with silence when she asked if the show was ?finished now or moved days???? Viewers Robyn Wilson and Meli Carey got similar treatment, even after Carey?s ?I like that show?.

It was only viewer Sandy McLellan who got any answers, and it wasn?t from the social media team. Sandy had to phone Channel 7 itself to find out that the finale for Kiss Bang Love Australia would be airing next Tuesday, July 5, on its original 7pm schedule. Or at least it will be for Adelaide.

Cancellation really does look like the future awaiting the controversial dating reality show, if the social media silence is anything to go by. Kiss Bang Love Australia has been called a ?ratings disaster? for Seven, and the numbers really do support the claim. The show?s premiere episode ?netted only 513,000 viewers, while the second episode fared even worse, with only 446,000 viewers.

The last episode to air before Wednesday?s reply, where operations manager Chris found a romantic connection with Anneliese, garnered even more dismal ratings. Already subjected to two schedule changes by then — from 7pm to 9:45pm to 10:15pm — the show drew only 137,000 viewers. The number is itself a drop from the 194,000 viewers that the show managed to acquire during its 9:45pm slot.

Are any of you guys excited to see the finale for Kiss Bang Love Australia next week? Or can you not be bothered, just like the show?s social media team? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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