Kiss Bang Love Australia: Ratings Continue Downward Spiral

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Kiss Bang Love Australia is in a bit of a bind. With the constantly looming spectre of cancellation over their heads, the struggling reality show has drawn on every gimmick at its disposal. It?s teased a ?kiss bang shocker? that didn?t quite deliver, and it?s lobbed an Ashton Kutcher look-alike for viewers to make fun of. But if TV ratings are anything to go by, all of these have been for naught.

According to Mumbrella, the latest episode of Kiss Bang Love Australia shed even more viewers, drawing only ?137,000 metro viewers in its new, later time slot of 10:15pm. Last week when the show aired at 9:45pm it attracted 194,000 viewers.? This has been a steady decline from its premiere episode rating of 513,000 viewers, and even lower than its second episode rating that saw it draw only 446,000 eyes. The show has never broken even into the top 20 rating Australian programs.

While the show may have put in a disappointing performance, at least operations manager Chris was able to find a partner. In a recap published by TV Week, Chris has to make his way through a nursing student, a dance teacher, an actor-slash-comedian, before finally making a connection with model Anneliese and Masters student Richelle.

While Richelle and Chris go on a golf game date that sees the pair ending it with a high five, Chris and Anneliese go ice skating and end up kissing. When it comes to make the final decision, TV Week puts it best by saying ?From an outsider?s perspective, he?s more awkward and giggly (tell-tale signs of a big fat crush) around Anneliese. So it?s no huge surprise when it?s Richelle who is placed in the unfortunate position of being dropped on national television.?

With four supposedly happy endings in the can for Kiss Bang Love Australia, will it?s sixth episode next week finally ?bring in some happy news for the troubled production? Or will it be a kiss bye bye for the reality dating show two weeks from now? Keep it here on The Bitbag for more news on this and many other shows!

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