Kiss Bang Love Australia: One Of The Contestants An Ashton Kutcher Look-alike?

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Kiss Bang Love Australia could be facing cancellation, so it comes as no surprise that the show has been pulling all the stops to draw in more viewers to prop up the show?s ratings. They?ve promised a ?kiss bang shocker? in their third episode that turned out to just be contestant Chelsea getting sick during a date. And now, the show is pinning its hopes on a supposed Ashton Kutcher look-alike.

In a video put up on the show?s official Facebook page, viewers are asked if the ?hopeful mistaken for Ashton Kutcher? will be able to ?sweep our single lady Jess off her feet?? The video begins with Jess declaring that her ?biggest turn-off for a guy is someone that?s arrogant.? A voiceover then intones: ?Well, Jess, have we got a match for you!?

The video then shifts focus to Vetea. Vetea says he is 28 and a model, and that people often tell him that he looks either like Ashton Kutcher or Rafael Nadal. He continues on, saying that he thinks that he?s a good kisser, and that the audience can ask ?all [his] ladies? if they want proof. He then winks to the camera and says ?If she don?t like, she will miss something.? At which point the voiceover asks: ?Could this be the kiss she?s been waiting for??

Meanwhile, the Mamamia reveals the price of a kiss on Kiss Bang Love Australia, In an interview with Polly McDouall, one of the ladies during the show?s second episode that featured tradie Geordie, it was revealed that the participants were paid $200 to take part in the show.

McDouall reveals that she ?just came out of quite a bad relationship? when she was first approached to do the show, and thought Kiss Bang Love Australia would be ?something fun to do?. McDouall said that shooting took 14 hours, and that while she enjoyed the kiss she shared with tradie Geordie, she wasn?t one of the participants that was chosen to proceed to the later stages of the show.

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