Kiss Bang Love Australia: Nothing Can Save The Show?

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Kiss Bang Love Australia airs a brand new episode later tonight, but before viewers can see what new hijinks these kissing fools go through in the latest episode, it seems they have gone through showing heartwarming snippets of the show via social media to help get interest up.

In their official Facebook page for example, producers probably thought it would be nice to show some new details about last week?s pick, 29-year-old salesman Jared. The video, simply titled ?Card trick with Jared?, shows the South African native asking one of his fellow contestants to pick a card from his deck.

After the other contestant puts the card back in and shuffles the deck of cards to further hide it, Jared then proceeds to turn the cards face up one by one with the other contestants looking on. After turning over quite a number of them, Jared stops and declares that the next card is the card the contestant picked. It is, and the video ends with the pair laughing.

It?s a cute video, which probably explains why he was chosen to go on a romantic getaway by last week?s kisser, Jess. Jared had triumphed over 24-year-old oil rigger Clayton, and controversial Ashton Kutcher look-alike, 28-year-old model Vetea. The 28-year-old, who claims he?s also been mistaken for Rafael Nadal, elicited derision from Kiss Bang Love Australia viewers, who thought his inclusion was ?a joke?.

But will cute videos like this one be enough to save the struggling reality show, which is already fending off rumors of a cancellation? The show has tried to drum up interest before by teasing a ?kiss bang shocker? that only turned out to be 23-year-old Chelsea getting sick on a date. Another attempt was to drum up the aforementioned Vetea on its Facebook page.

Not one of those tactics has worked for the reality show. A look at the ratings for Australian television on TV Tonight last June 14 — when the latest episode for Kiss Bang Love Australia aired — shows that the reality show didn?t even breach the Top 20. The show?s premiere episode netted only 513,000 viewers on OzTAM?s overnight ratings, placing it in 23rd place. The second episode fared even worse, with only 446,000 viewers, placing it in 24th place.

Will tonight?s episode finally pull Kiss Bang Love Australia up from its ratings slump? Or will it continue on towards cancellation? Keep it here on The Bitbag for more updates!

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