Kiss Bang Love Australia Moved To New Schedule; Last Ditch Attempt To Boost Ratings?

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Kiss Bang Love Australia is already in a precarious position. It?s already been subject to cancellation rumors early on, and now it looks like the reality dating show has been moved yet again from its initial 7pm Tuesday schedule. The show had first been moved to a 9:45pm slot, and then to a 10:15pm slot.

Viewers looking to get their fill of 12 blindfolded strangers getting kissed may find themselves disappointed tonight as a look at the Tuesday programming for Channel 7 doesn?t seem to feature Kiss Bang Love Australia. The guide put up by Yahoo7 has The Goldbergs in the slot where Kiss Bang Love Australia should be, and a look at the other Seven-affiliated channels doesn?t show any sign of the show.

This is because the show?s sixth and final episode has been moved to Wednesday, 10:15pm. It will also not be airing on the main Channel 7, but rather on the affiliated 7flix. Even more distressing for the show is that it looks like even its official Facebook page couldn?t even be bothered to answer questions about the change in schedule. A viewer named Curtis Dunne posted ?Love the show guys! Im wondering when the final episode will be aired? Just asking for a mate? Cheers? on the show?s wall, and has so far gotten no official response. It was another viewer named Brad Harvey who had to tell him about the schedule change, with the telling caption ?omg?.

The schedule change may prove to be the final nail in the coffin of a reality show that has struggled to find an audience right from the very beginning. Its premiere episode only drew 513,000 viewers, not enough to make it crack the top 20 shows in the country. It?s been faring worse since then, with its second episode netting only 446,000 viewers, and its fifth and penultimate episode drawing a dismal 137,000 viewers. Gimmicks like the ?kiss bang shocker? have failed to pump up the show?s ratings.

Will Kiss Bang Love Australia go out with a bang or a whimper? Keep it here for more spoilers, news, and updates!

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