Kiss Bang Love Australia: Hipster Triumps Over The Hunk

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Kiss Bang Love Australia saw a hunk and a hipster battle it out for the affections of nurse Liz, as the reality dating show tried to end its first season run with a bang after a generally lackluster run in the Australian ratings game.

Perhaps in a bid to prove its central thesis that true love can be found in a kiss, Chris was presented early on as a non-contender for Liz?s affections. Clad in a pineapple print shirt and a bushy beard, Chris didn?t look like he stood a chance against the other suitors, especially against 6?4? South African Khosaan. Even Liz herself declared Chris as not her type when she finally saw him without the blindfold.

But Chris? kiss proved to be magical, as it not only saw him through the blindfolded stage of the show, but also to the one-on-one dates with Liz, where he was competing against Khosaan, who early on in the show declared that there?s nothing small about him, and had Liza declaring that he made her feel ?feminine?.

During the one-on-one dates, Khosaan looked to have the upper hand, as he took Liz to a pottery date that featured a lot of innuendo and recalled the famous 1990 movie, Ghost. As the pair made pots, Liz also found time to note Khosaan?s big hands and to instruct him to use his fingers and ?dig deep? as well as to get the clay ?nice and wet?.


Kiss Bang Love’s first episode, which featured Lisa Fewster, was its highest rating episode.

Chris? date with Liz, on the other hand, was a much more sedate affair, spent taking photographs at a beach and then getting into a spa together. But it appears that that was what Liz was looking for, as it was Chris she ended up spending a romantic weekend with rather than Khosaan.

However, the central premise of Kiss Bang Love Australia being proven correct wasn?t enough to lift it up from its abysmal place in the ratings. A look at the ratings for July 5, the night the show aired, reveals that it didn?t even crack the top 20. The highest that the show has ever charted was in 23rd place, with 523,000 viewers. Gimmicks like the ?kiss bang shocker? have failed to draw more eyes to the show.

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