Kiss Bang Love Australia: ‘Ashton Kutcher’ Fails To Make The Cut!

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Kiss Bang Love Australia teased that an Ashton Kutcher look-alike was going to make his way to last night?s episode, and they at least delivered on that — unlike the ?kiss bang shocker? that turned out to just be a minor illness. But while the real Ashton Kutcher may be a hit with the ladies, this one didn?t do so well, even with just the one on Kiss Bang Love Australia.

As reported by the Daily Mail, 28-year-old supposed Ashton Kutcher look-alike Vetea already wasn?t faring so well with the ladies when it came to first impressions. When he was introduced on the show, Twitter reactions ranged from ?This guy is surely put in as a joke?? to ?’I’m a good kisser. You can ask all my ladies lol?.

Vetea didn?t fare well with Jess either, who was the contestant for this fourth episode of Kiss Bang Love Australia. As the Daily Mail reports, ?Unfortunately for Vetea, Jess was left unimpressed with his aggressive kissing technique, telling the camera: ‘No one’s been that forceful upon me?. Vetea didn?t even make it past the first cut of the show.

Faring much more successfully was 29-year-old salesman Jared, reports the Daily Mail. Jared was the last of the 12 people that Jess had to kiss for the day, and Jess was impressed enough to not only get him through the next round, but even gave him a perfect score. Jared made it all the way to the individual dates, along with 24-year-old oil rigger Clayton.

While Clayton and Jess spent time at a theme park, Jared and Jess enjoyed a day at the zoo, a gourmet dinner, and a stroll along a harbor. By this point, the Daily Mail says Jared was already invested in the relationship, quoting him: ?’She’s giving me butterflies every time she walks into the room. If I don’t get picked I?ll be very upset?.

And as it turns out, Jared needn?t have worried. When it was time to choose between the two of them, Jess chose him to spend a romantic getaway with. It also seems like the two are still going strong, according to the Daily Mail.

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