Kingsman 2 Updates and Spoilers: Filming Done; What We Know So Far

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Kingsman 2

When last year?s surprise hit action spy movie Kingsman: The Secret Service came out, fans were all expecting a sequel. A year later and we have it with Matthew Vaughn still at the directorial helm. Kingsman: The Golden Circle, more popularly known of course as Kingsman 2, is all set to hit theaters in June 16, 2017. What do we know so far?

The Stellar ?Supporting? Cast

British actor Taron Egerton, who shot to fame with the first movie, comes back as ?Eggsy?, previously a diamond in the rough now turned debonair English spy with all the right moves against evil henchmen and willing Swedish princesses (wink). ETOnline caught him in a red carpet interview at the Toronto Film Festival, where he proudly talked about his ?supporting? cast ? Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and Julianne Moore.

Halle Berry is reportedly part of ?the Statemen? ? apparently the US version of Kingsman. She?s joined by Pedro Pascal from Game of Thrones. As for Julianne Moore, spoilers suggest that she?ll be playing the villain Poppy. As for Tatum, there are no firm details yet as to what role he?ll be playing. Rumors have it that he was even offered a cameo role to appear as himself. But fans are guessing (and hoping) that Tatum will be playing an ally to Egerton?s Eggsy (maybe as a Stateman spy? Or could he be a Kingsman with that top hat costume). The leading man was all praises for his new cast member. See the ETOnline video below:

Harry Hart Gets Resurrected?

After that blood-pumping, blood-bursting and just plain literally bloody church scene in the first Kingsman, Colin Firth?s pivotal character Harry Hart definitely ended up dead at the hands of Samuel L. Jackson. But it seems that Matthew Vaughn is able to resurrect the star in this sequel, or at least include him in the movie somehow. As part of a flashback maybe? But he?s definitely back as seen in a teaser poster from the film (see Taron Egerton?s tweet below). There are also pictures of Firth in full Harry Hart look on set.


For other news on the original cast, what would Kingsman 2 be without Merlin (played by Mark Strong). It seems that Roxy (Sophie Cookson) will also be back, maybe this time to provide a solid romantic lead for Eggsy? Whether that happens or not, we?re all definitely excited for whatever international gun-slinging and hyper-action craziness this comic book turned spy movie will bring to the big screens.

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