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Matthew Vaughn?s R-rated super-spy comic book adaptation, ?Kingsman: The Secret Service? was released last year, and it was a massive hit. It earned $414 million on a budget of $81 million.

The sequel is at a developing stage and a few plot details are already surfacing on the internet. Last year, Cinema Blend reported that logistical headache has been caused due to scheduling conflict between two major studios over Taron Egerton?s heavy workload. However, the problem seems to have been solved now, and Egerton has started speaking about the upcoming sequel. In an interview with Collider, Egerton revealed a plot change which will be different from the original.

Along with Hugh Jackman, Taron Egerton disclosed that ?Kingsman 2? will have a more international flavor. Both star had joined to discuss their upcoming biopic Eddie the Eagle.

?What I can say is that we shot [the first] one all in the U.K., that won?t be the case with the next one. It?s a far more international story, we?re going to some incredible places, and we have a villain to rival Samuel L. Jackson?this new one is so brilliantly written I wish I could play it. It?s amazing,? Taron Egerton said.

Certainly, some international location would make the film more interesting as unlike other spy movies like James bond, ?Kingsman: The Secret Service? had some funny scenes and tongue in cheek moments in it.

Inquisitr states that like other spy movie, Kingsman 2 will feature Eggsy and his fellow spies will receive a threat either from or on international soil. With Egerton?s response, the antagonist in the sequel will have an equally interesting character which would make the film intriguing.

Although no other details have been disclosed, it is expected that Matthew Vaughn will be directing once again and no casting have been revealed apart from Egerton?s contracted involvement.

Other reports stated that Colin Firth will be returning in some capacity, may be for some flash-back scenes.

?Kingsman 2? is scheduled to release on June 16, 2017.

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