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A King’s Tale Final Fantasy 15: Will This Pre-Order Bonus Get A Digital Release?

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Fans that pre-ordered?a copy of?Final Fantasy 15?at GameStop and EB Games were given a special treat. As a bonus for pre-ordering, they got a special game called A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15. While the downloadable title isn’t as good as the main game, it’s surprisingly decent for a pre-order only game.

This has made some fans wonder if the 8-bit spinoff will eventually get a digital release. While it isn’t the most in-depth title, it’s still fairly fun and has a great combat system. Fans that loved the latest Final Fantasy game will definitely like the spin off since you get to play as the father of Noctis.

How Does It Play?

A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15 is a 2D brawler, reminiscent of titles like Streets of Rage. As the father of Noctis, players have to defeat a ton of monsters and get back some crystals. Overall, the game is easy to play, but does have a surprising amount of depth to it.

Most of the complexity comes from the combat. Sure, players can just mash attack buttons, but there are certain combos that require precise timing. Enemies in the pre-order game also have specific weak points, so players can’t just rely on the same combo over and over. Sometimes, they’re vulnerable to strong attacks and other times, they need a shield bash. Overall, it’s not perfect, but is surprising solid.

The Future Of A King’s Tale

It’s not yet clear if A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15 will be available outside of the pre-order bonus. Knowing Square Enix, an official release for the game could be likely. It’s clear that the development team worked hard on the title, so it’s only fair that the game get a digital release on PSN and Xbox Live.

Until Square Enix announces a release date, we won’t know if this pre-order game will get a digital release. While fans could wait for this, they could also get the actual Final Fantasy 15 game. This has proven to be a big success for fans, though it will need to do better if fans want a sequel. ?

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