King’s Avatar Anime Paves Way for China to Compete with Japanese Animation

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King's Avatar

King’s Avatar?(Quan Zhi Gao Shou) is a Chinese web novel is written by Butterfly Blue and has completed 1728 chapters. The story centers Ye Xiu, a pro-player of the online game ?Glory?. One day, he gets kicked out from the team. He then takes a year off from pro-gaming and finds work in an internet cafe as a manager. But as the game, ?Glory?, releases its 10th server, he re-enters the game with the goal of relinquishing his glory on the leader board.


Chinese entertainment company, Tencent, is turning King’s Avatar manhua?into an anime in 2017. Tencent is popular for owning Riot Games, creators of League of Legends; as well as MMO?s such as Dungeon Fighter Online; online rpg, QQ Three Kingdoms; and FPS? War of Zombie, Crossfire; to name a few.


So we cannot question Tencent?s expertise in the gaming industry, but what about the art? In the anime industry, China has always been under scrutiny, as most anime fans say they are trying hard to replicate Japanese animation, and often failing at it. However, based on the King?s Avatar Anime Trailer, it seems Tencent is looking to change all that.

Positive Reviews for King’s Avatar, China?s First E-Sports Anime

The art is beautiful and the action scenes in the trailer are just bringing in the hype for e-sports players. They feel like their lives are getting an anime. The positive reception is also pushing everyone to read the novel before the release of the anime.


You can read the translated novel at and the translated manhua version at


Watching a Mandarin anime (as opposed to hearing one in Japanese) will probably get some getting used to. Though surely it won?t be that hard, especially if it?s a high quality anime. Anime fans are always excited to explore new sources of good animation, regardless of the origin.


King's Avatar


The King?s Avatar anime is promising and we are looking forward to it together with the millions of MMO gamers all over the world in 2017. China don?t let us down.


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