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Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds: The Jungle Book Confirmed?

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Could Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, and the rest of The Jungle Book cast be coming to Kingdom Hearts 3? Fan site KHInsider has just posted some interesting new information regarding the classic Disney film and its relation to Square Enix?s upcoming action-RPG. The Jungle Book may be one of the Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds after all.

Is The Jungle Book a Kingdom Hearts 3 World?

According to the website?s report, one of the episodes of the never-released Kingdom Hearts TV series was supposedly centered on the world of The Jungle Book. The news comes directly from filmmaker Kevin Munroe, who shared images of the screenplay he penned for one of the cancelled series? episodes. Titled ?Man?s Red Fire,? the script written in 2004 clearly says it is based on the Square Enix video game franchise.

The Jungle Book was supposed to be one of the playable worlds in the playstation portable title, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. The setting never made it into the final game but is still accessible via cheat codes.

Given the string of near-misses the two franchises have gone through, could they finally unite in one of Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds? With Disney releasing a big-budget live action remake of the Jungle Book this year, what better way is there to drum up hype than with some cross-promotion in a beloved video game franchise?

If confirmed, Jungle Book would join the likes of Big Hero 6, Tangled, and Hercules as playable settings in Kingdom Hearts 3. Last month, we had the Jungle Book on our wish list of Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds, and this recent news from KHInsider has got us wishing again.

What do you think? Would the game be a worthy setting for a Kingdom Hearts game? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to The BitBag for more updates on Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds.


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