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Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds: New Locations Square Enix Should Include

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What would a Kingdom Hearts game be without a wide assortment of classic Disney worlds? Square Enix?s much-loved action-RPG franchise has taken us to numerous Disney film locations over the course of its two installments and countless spin-offs. The next title in the main series, Kingdom Hearts 3, looks to be no different.

From previous trailers and announcements, we already know that the settings of Big Hero 6, Tangled, and Hercules will be featured in the upcoming sequel. Given the huge amount of new Disney and Pixar films released since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in 2005, there?s certainly a whole lot more to choose from. Here are some of our picks for worlds we want to see in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Marvel?s New York City

In the time between Kingdom Hearts II and III, the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has arguably been the biggest development at the Magic Kingdom. Since acquiring the comic book publisher in 2009, Disney has turned the likes of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America into some of the most popular characters on earth. How cool would it be to see Sora and co. team up with the Avengers in a hypothetical Marvel world?

Wreck-it-Ralph?s Arcade

A movie universe based on video games should surely have its world adapted into another video game, right? This one seems like a total no-brainer, as it would open up all sorts of hilarious situations.

The Death Star from Star Wars

The newest addition to Disney?s roster of franchises, Star Wars is undoubtedly the hottest thing in entertainment right now. Just the thought of Sora teaming up with classic Star Wars heroes like Han Solo or Luke Skywalker is enough to makes us pre-order the game right now. It would also be a change of pace from the historical and fantasy-themed settings of most Disney films.

The Jungle Book

Disney is already rebooting the classic film in 2016 as a live-action film, so why not feature the original cartoon setting as a playable world?


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