Kingdom Hearts 3 Tokyo Game Show 2016 Livestream: Where To Watch New Gameplay Reveals

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Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

If you were hoping for some new Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay at the Tokyo Game Show, we?re sorry to say but there probably won?t be any. Square Enix?s?official schedule does not have the game penciled in.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Won’t Be At TGS 2016

The franchise?s only representation at the event will come from Kingdom Hearts 2.8. The upcoming remaster just got a new trailer and will be playable on the show floor. It was recently delayed to a January 2017 release date in both Japan and the West. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will be fully compatible with the PlayStation 4 Pro. You can expect several graphical enhancements if you decide to play it on that platform.

Before TGS 2016 kicked off, Game Director Tetsuya Nomura released a statement to update fans on the franchise?s current state. “… the other game we are working on while doing this, KH3, is coming along steadily. There are new worlds in which you can run, jump, [spoilers], [spoilers]… I’m very excited about moving Sora around in the wider space with his higher range of maneuverability,? he said.

Nomura said that next year will be a massive year for the Kingdoms Hearts franchise. In addition to the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8, fans can expect more massive Kingdom Hearts 3 news (maybe even a possible release date?) and a live orchestral tour. He also mentioned another ?surprise announcement? was in the works but he wasn?t at liberty to share exactly what it was.

With Final Fantasy XV finally shipping this November, it seems like 2017 will see shift their attention fully to Kingdom Hearts. Hopefully, fans of the series can get the news and reveals they?ve been patiently waiting for.?What do you think 2017 will have in store for Kingdom Hearts 3 and the rest of the series? Let us know in the comments below.

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