Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Could Launch Before Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release
Source: KINGDOM HEARTS III – D23 Expo Japan 2013 Trailer video

Square Enix has recently announced that Final Fantasy 7 Remake development will stay inside the company and leave out partner companies. Square Enix has also opened development team positions for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. At this rate, Kingdom Hearts 3 could be released before the remake on the classic game.

According to Nova Crystallis’ translation of Naoki Hamaguchi’s announcement during a Mobius Final Fantasy stream, Square Enix is keeping its remake development internally for quality control. Hamaguchi previously worked on developing Mobius Final Fantasy and is now heading the Final Fantasy 7 Remake development team.

Hamaguchi’s announcement means that CyberConnect2 might be out of the project and could explain the previous Final Fantasy 7 Remake job openings recently. Square Enix might be restructuring the remake’s development team based on these reports. Development on the remake could still be ongoing during hiring, but limited manpower will definitely slow down their progress.

Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn’t experienced any reported issues like the remake. If no issues show up, we might get Kingdom Hearts 3 earlier. However, Square Enix barely talks about Kingdom Hearts 3’s development and their current progress. New worlds have been confirmed for the game but Square Enix barely reveals gameplay on these worlds.

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda confirmed in their financial results briefing that both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 remake will be released in the next three years or so. These games should be large titles if they plan to go on a longer development route for it.

Final Fantasy 15 was released last year afters being in development in 10 years and fans felt the bottlenecked experience on its story. Final Fantasy 15 has great potential to be a great game but its unpolished story made the game feel flat. Square Enix is currently steadily pushing out substantial content updates and MMO-like missions in Final Fantasy 15 to keep the fans playing. It’ll be unfortunate for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake if the two games follow the same model, as these additions have made the public feel Square Enix cut content to release Final Fantasy 15 early.

Due to the large allotted time for developing these titles, Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans might be too tired to waiting for it. Its episode-based releases might mean long months, or even years, of waiting after the first one comes out in the future. Fans could play the original Final Fantasy 7 on the PS1 or Steam just to experience its good story already. Speaking of tiring releases, some Kingdom Hearts fans are already tired with the number of spinoff games before the third main entry. Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 really needs to make it count if they’re going to make fans wait this long.

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