Kingdom Hearts 3 Release In Danger Of Becoming Another Final Fantasy 15 Mess [Rumor]

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release
Source: KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX — Familiar Faces and Places video

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 15 is known for its troubled development, taking a total of 10 years of work before being playable for the masses. When the game launched, many found the experience to feel disjointed and incomplete. The Kingdom Hearts 3 release could suffer the same fate if the leaks are to be believed.

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaks

Known Kingdom Hearts leaker Jose Alamo has posted on Twitter about Kingdom Hearts 3. Apparently, the development team is struggling as of now. Alamo also states that the game’s release on 2018 will be as incomplete as Final Fantasy 15’s.


As per the leaks, problems have piled on Kingdom Hearts 3’s development and it might lead to an incomplete game. Alamo notes that the development studio has supposedly rushed a trailer for April  but will instead launch at the end of the year. The leaks also note that director Tetsuya Nomura seems to be bent on his “perfectionism” to deliver the game, which definitely extended production time.

Alamo also confirmed that work on Kingdom Hearts 3 is also exhausting for its developing team in Osaka. Final Fantasy 15’s troubled development has also affected Kingdom Hearts 3’s development to an extent. Overall, Alamo points out that these problems are the reasons why Kingdom Hearts 3 will suffer the same fate as Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy 15’s Blunders

Final Fantasy 15 released last November 2016 and while many found the plot to be messy, fans enjoyed the title nonetheless. The game even had a large event to announce its release date, even if it eventually got delayed. The event would have been pointless if not for its important reveals including an anime, the Kingsglaive movie, and a standalone demo.

Gameplay-wise, Final Fantasy 15 had a fun early game due to its open world gameplay. However, the pace takes a complete shift once it hits Chapter 13. The news about Final Fantasy 15’s troubled development became more apparent due to its weak characters, lack of explorable space, and even several time skips in its story. The new DLCs helps alleviate issues with gameplay content but still doesn’t wholly answer Final Fantasy 15’s wasted potential.

Nomura and  Final Fantasy 13 Versus

Final Fantasy 15 was previously titled Final Fantasy 13 Versus back when Nomura was still handling the project. Based on Square Enix’s past statements, Nomura also seemed interested in creating sequels for Final Fantasy 13 Versus.

Directorial work eventually shifted to Hajime Tabata and he completely reworked the whole project to turn it into Final Fantasy 15. Leftovers of Nomura’s ideas were either scrapped or brought instead in the Final Fantasy 15: Kingsglaive movie to give Final Fantasy 15 more depth without necessarily adding more gameplay time.

With Alamo’s leak, it’s possible Kingdom Hearts 3 will be chopped into long portions. However, the whole Kingdom Hearts series has already been laden with many spin-off releases enough to make fans pissed off at a trilogy release. This decision could also block new fans from grasping its complicated story.

Bummer Release

Even though Kingdom Hearts 3 has a larger chance for DLC and optional gameplay systems due to its setting, it’s not entertaining to make players grind for content. Kingdom Hearts 3 has no place for character story arc DLCs due to its already convoluted and complicated story.

Final Fantasy 15 eventually had meaningful free content updates. This includes a full alternate version of one of the game’s chapters, allowing players to take a glimpse at another character’s perspective. While the community warmly welcomed Square Enix’s development team’s post-launch efforts for a single-player game, the entry has already been tainted as an incomplete mess. Unless Square Enix wants Kingdom Hearts to be labeled as another incomplete game from the company, it’s best that the studio launches the game without any hiccups.

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