Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date: Where Will We See The Game Again?

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Fans saw a lot of titles at this year?s E3, and while the new games are impressive and all, there?s still some void that E3 2016 failed to fill. One of the games that fans have been waiting for is Square Enix?s Kingdom Hearts 3. With the biggest gaming event almost behind us, is there even a chance that the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date is this year?

The biggest gaming event is always the best stage for announcements. That?s why we?re surprised that Kingdom Hearts 3 was not at E3. E3 is close to wrapping up, and with it closes an opportunity for a Kingdom Hearts 3 release date announcement by Square.

Players shouldn?t fret just yet as the game may make an appearance in other big events like the Tokyo Game Show or even D3. If we take a look back at the development history of the game, Square Enix revealed that Big Hero Six will be one of the worlds during last year?s D3, so the next one could also be a stage for a major announcement.

It?s also likely that Square will reveal details on Kingdom Hearts 3 through press releases or trailers, but since it was announced, Kingdom Hearts 3 appeared only during big events.

At this year?s E3, it was revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will still not feature any Final Fantasy world. It?s a bit surprising as Square has some excellent Final Fantasy worlds that Sora could explore. There are significantly few details revealed about the game as compared to last year, but it?s good to hear even just several information about the title.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was first revealed last E3 2013, and since then, fans have been patiently waiting for the game to officially launch. It?s possible that Kingdom Hearts 3 still has a long way to go before getting launched mainly because Square has its hands very full already.

If the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date isn?t announced at TGS or D3 2016, it?s likely that it may be revealed at next year?s E3 instead.

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