Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Rumors: Introduction Of Final Chapter Prologue Means Next Edition Is Coming Very Soon?

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is expected to be the piece that ties three different corners together that make Kingdom Hearts. While the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Chapter Prologue is in the pipeline, the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 could just be what gaming aficionados ordered before completely immersing themselves in the mega world of Kingdom Hearts 3.

As noted by IGN, Tai Yasue, Final Chapter Prologue co-director shared, ?I think for Kingdom Hearts 3 we want the player to leap into an action-packed game right away.?

Many gamers may have expected the Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance to be included and they couldn?t have been more right since the gameplay will only be more enhanced with tacked with the PS4 controlled in hand as opposed to the handheld 3DS.

While the Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is more colorful, it is the sneak peek at the 0.2, A fragmentary passage, which follows Aqua through her journey. As noted by the site, the protagonist feels lost in the land and players view everything through that perspective. The title is just the right way leading to what fans may experience when the Kingdom Hearts 3 lands.

If nothing else, Aqua?s journey may only leave ardent gamers asking for more with Kingdom Hearts, 0.2. Players may well enjoy Aqua?s journey, the title aims to be putting the lose puzzle pieces back together to give players a glimpse into the world and prepare them for what the final numbered title will be bringing for them.

Yasue commented on ?A fragmentary passage?, he shared, ?We really wanted the player to experience Aqua?s torment. Sora?s destiny and Aqua?s destiny are really intertwined, so we wanted the player to understand Aqua?s adventure.?

Keep checking back for more updates and information on the much awaited title the Kingdom Hearts 3.

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