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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Rumors: Should We Expect New Trailer In E3?

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As you may well know, Kingdom Hearts 3 release date rumors have been floating around as the the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2016 event nears. One thing though that was confirmed, according to this Bitbag report, is that there will be no Kingdom Hearts 3 release this coming E3. There will be the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 though to appease the fans and keep them wanting for more.

Here?s a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8:

This, though, does not entirely rule out the appearance of a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer in E3 as Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is a lead-up to Kingdom Hearts 3. As pointed out by Yibada, Square Enix has launched this trailer, and the video contains the HD versions of several Kingdom Hearts titles. These titles include ?Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance?, ?Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage? and ?Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover?. The Kingdom Hearts 2.8 trailer provides a preview for the much awaited Kingdom Hearts 3.

This makes a new teaser or trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 as something that fans still expect to pop out in the upcoming E3 2016 event. For now, there is no certainty yet if Square Enix is going to or possess a new trailer for showing at that.

However, in the same Yibada report, rumors swirl around regarding an upcoming Kingdom trailer as three Disney worlds from movies have already been confirmed–Big Hero 6, Tangled and Hercules. A new trailer could be handy in introducing these worlds. Rumors also suggest that there will be more worlds coming to the game such as Frozen and Zootopia. Other franchises are also rumored to make an appearance such as Star Wars and Marvel.

Should we hold our breath for a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer? I think we should not but expecting it a little may be a healthy dose of optimism.

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