Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date And Gameplay: What We Know So Far

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is still one of the most anticipated games coming from Square Enix. The series originally had fans worried, since they felt that the Final Fantasy characters wouldn?t mesh well with the Disney ones. Now that it?s an established franchise, everyone wants to know anything and everything about the game. While fans wait for a Kingdom hearts 3 release date, here?s everything known about the game so far:

Winnie the Pooh returns.

During an interview with veteran voice actor Steve Cummings, the man revealed that he had recorded some voice work for Tigger in Kingdom Hearts 3. With the jovial animal confirmed, it?s clear that Pooh and the rest of the crew from the Hundred Acre Wood are set to make another appearance in the game.

Tangled and Big Hero 6

Two films from the new Disney animation studios are set to debut in Kingdom Hearts 3. Concept art was shown of Sora soaring through the air with Baymax and various trailers have confirmed that the players will be visiting Rapunzel in the game. Fans are still hoping for worlds based on Marvel and Star Wars, though one could argue that Big Hero 6 is a Marvel property, since it was originally an obscure comic book.

Titanic boss fights

During the D23 Expo in 2013, it was revealed that Sora could turn his signature Keyblade to a pirate ship. Aside from travel, it seems like it will be used for some really big boss fights, some of which are the titans from Disney?s Hercules. This not only confirms that giant boss fights are coming, but that Hercules and his buddies will show up as well.

Unreal Engine 4

To make the game even better, Movie Pilot confirmed that the third installment in the Disney/Final Fantasy series would use the Unreal Engine, courtesy of Epic Games. Since it was added a bit late, it delayed the game a bit, but if it makes for a more rich game experience, it?ll be worth the wait.

New Abilities For Sora

Sora has learned a ton of new things since the 2005 installment of the series. The spikey haired protagonist can turn his Keyblade into a war vehicle or the aforementioned pirate ship. The first official gameplay trailer of the game also showed that he has some nifty new attacks and athletic prowess.

Will the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date still be in 2016? Fans are hoping that?s the case. They have waited too long for this title to come out.

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