Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date News: Much Hyped Final Edition Delayed More? Is It The Last Kingdom Hearts Game?

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is still far off?

Fans were expecting a little bit of information about the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts release date. Though there wasn?t any information given about the upcoming game from Nintendo, a lot of fans broke down and got disappointed.

A lot of fans went to E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo, expecting to witness Kingdom Hearts 3 News , Trailers , Teasers or information about the game. But at the end of the day, they went home empty handed. Some fans are now shifting their interests in different games as the hype and anticipation are slowly dissipating.

It is rumored to be the last Kingdom Hearts game. Hence, it will be the biggest in the franchise. During the interview, Nomura stated that the game is overwhelmingly big and is something that the game Director itself is afraid to handle.

The game?s co-director Tai Yasue also stated, they wanted to share as much as possible. However, they wanted to focus on Kingdom Hearts 2.8 as it will be released in early December globally. The company is developing both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 at the same time.

The upcoming game ?will also be available for Nintendo NX. Nintendo NX is an upcoming console by the Japanese company. Pre-orders costs A$119.95, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Just Dance 2017 will also be available for the same price.

Rumors suggest that the game is engineered perfectly that even the first time fans of the series will be able to relate to the story. Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds will?feature?a cross-over adventure from multiple Disney settings including a different kinds of characters. The game is expected to arrive around 2017.

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As of today, there aren?t any official Kingdom Hearts games that are ported to PC. Most likely there will never be a single game from the franchise that will make it into the PC Platform. Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a prologue consisted of plotlines and stories that are pitched from Kingdom Hearts 3D, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom Hearts 2.5.

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