Kingdom Hearts 3: New Gameplay Trailer At PlayStation Experience 2016?

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Kingdom Hearts 3

Last E3 2016, Kingdom Hearts had another spin-off released instead of the awaited third entry of the series. However, according to a known Japanese video magazine, Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that there will be an update on Kingdom Hearts 3 in August and once Kingdom Hearts 2.8 get released. Since the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will be released in December, they might announce Kingdom Hearts 3 info during Sony?s Playstation Experience 2016.

KH Insider translated Nomura?s Famitsu interview confirmed that new updates on Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released around the time of Kingdom Hearts 2.8?s launch. ?Work on KH3 is progressing too, but as I said recently, I?d like to first pay attention to KH 2.8, which has an important position, so I am going to update you all with the information on KH3 around when KH2.8 releases.?

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 releases sometime in December. All the PlayStation Experience events have been held in December, so there?s a fair chance that Nomura will show the game during Sony?s show. Last year, Square Enix unveiled the Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay reveal at PlayStation Experience 2015, so here?s hoping we?ll also get something big this year. However, it?s not yet confirmed if there will be a PS Experience this year.

NeoGAF thread starter Delaney also translated the Famitsu interview and confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will cater to both new players and old fans. The endings of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and 0.2 will also tease the beginning of the awaited third entry.

As Square Enix is taking their time with Kingdom Hearts 3, it?s highly possible that we?ll get another game to introduce the grand story of the series or small details about the upcoming title.

Square Enix has a large window of to give out surprise updates as there will be more video game events happening after this year?s E3 for Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts still has its ?First Breath? concerts in August, and one of those concerts may have new info about the game. As for major console gaming events, Gamescom 2016 in August and Tokyo Game Show 2016 in September may also have new information about Kingdom Hearts 3.

Additionally, Square Enix may appear on Jump Festa if Shonen Jump confirms another event this year. We?ll have to wait and see if Square Enix decides to talk about Kingdom Hearts 3 on the said events. It?s been three years since Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced, so the game may be larger than what we think.

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