Kingdom Hearts 3: Knowledge Of Previous Games Not Necessary, Says Square Enix

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Kingdom Hearts 3

Game developer Square Enix has revealed that players will not be lost in Kingdom Hearts 3. In an interview, the game?s co-director Tai Yasue said that the Kingdom Heart series feature a single story, but it is not necessary for new players to have knowledge of the previous games to enjoy the upcoming entry.

Those who have not played Kingdom Hearts games until date might find the game?s original story a little complex and it would be better for them to understand the main story. However, it is not necessary for the players to be familiar with everything as the worlds from different Disney properties will be familiar to newcomers. Yasue told Venturebeat that players will have a lot to do in the worlds, which doesn?t require knowledge about the main story for them to enjoy.

?As you know, all the Kingdom Hearts stories have a conclusion at the end of each Disney world, Yasue said. You can still enjoy that as well. For the whole arc, it might help to understand, but there?s still a lot of fun in each Disney world.?

Square Enix will also release Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue soon. The game will only be released on PlayStation 4. Xbox One players will not be getting Kingdom Hearts 2.8, but Kingdom Hearts 3 will be available on the platform, so they won?t feel left out.

Kingdom Hearts games feature a mixed collection of Disney and Square Enix characters. The studio has already confirmed that it will still focus on Disney worlds. Sora will be the protagonist again, and some old characters from Disney and Square Enix will also return to the game. Most of the worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 are based on Disney properties. Kingdom of Corona, which is based on Tangled, and the Big Hero 6-inspired world will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Square Enix has not revealed any specific release date for its upcoming game, but the strategy the studio is following with Kingdom Hearts 3 will certainly not repel newcomers.

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