Kingdom Hearts 3: Is Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Worth Buying Before The Next Game?

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One of Square Enix?s anticipated titles is the next entry of the Kingdom Hearts series, however, we?ve yet to know when it will release. Aside from the next main entry, Square is also planning to release a remastered collection of games called Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8. The collection is geared to prepare players for the next main entry, but the question remains, is Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 worth buying before Kingdom Hearts 3 releases?

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 will include three items:

  • Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD: Remaster of the hit Nintendo 3DS title that tells the events after Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and allows players to control both Sora and Riku.
  • Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover: ?Based on Kingdom Hearts X mobile game, this title will tell the story of the Foretellers in HD cinematics. The story itself will not tie-in with Kingdom Hearts 3, but it will further expand the lore of the series.
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep: ?A Fragmentary Passage ? Taking place after the events of Birth By Sleep for the PSP, this will tell a story from the perspective of Aqua that happened immediately after Dream Drop Distance. This will tie-in directly with the next Kingdom Hearts.

The game will cost $59.99, the price of a full AAA game. In terms of value, players might not get their money?s worth since Dream Drop Distance is a relatively short handheld game. Back Cover will take at least one hour, and we?ve yet to know the length of 0.2 Birth By Sleep. It seems a bit pricey for a remastered collection that might not even last 20 hours. However, the titles will be made using the technology of the next title, so it will surely look great on current-gen consoles.

If fans really want to get into the series, then the collection is a must-buy since it will expand the lore of the universe as well as set up the events for Kingdom Hearts 3, but of course, they?ll have to deal with the AAA price of the collection first. No exact release date has been pegged for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, but it will launch sometime in December this year. ?

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