Kingdom Hearts 3 News: High School Musical World Confirmed By Square Enix

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Kingdom Hearts 3
Source: Kingdom Hearts 3 “official” releases

Recently, Disney confirmed that they’re going to include East High School in Kingdom Hearts 3. The High School Musical world will focus on using the game’s new rhythm mini-game attacks and be more lighthearted than other worlds. Truly, players will have to sing and dance their way through this area as opposed to smacking every Heartless until the final boss.

Musical World?

Kingdom Hearts has always explored Disney worlds with conflicts. However, the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 will indeed have the High School Musical world which doesn’t have an imminent threat, unless teenage angst and schoolwork counts as one. Lastly, our inside source confirms that Troy Bolton will be the Disney princess in this world. An unlikely world to play in, indeed.

Rhythm Game Heavy

The Kingdom Hearts series have definitely tried its hand at rhythm mini-games. The High School Musical world players will need to dance and sing along with the crowd when they start bursting into a synchronized production.

The challenge is that the players won’t know when each dancing sequence will start as the High School Musical characters will just go dancing and singing without any obvious warnings. Players need to be aware at all times so they can bust out their Keyblade guitar to start performing the songs. Failing to sync up with the cast will damage Sora due to their flailing dancing limbs since they don’t care if he’s obstructing their path. Players will be able to hear original High School Musical tracks and their Kingdom Hearts remixes during their time in this world.

Musical Basketball Heartless

The only chance that players will be able to fight a large group of Heartless is during the East High vs West High basketball match. Disney confirms that players will need to fight the Heartless through a dance-off. Since Sora, Donald, and Goofy won’t match the Heartless in numbers, the East High Wildcats students will help out.

Kingdom Hearts series so far

The Kingdom Hearts series isn’t a stranger in including live-action looking characters in their game. Kingdom Hearts 2 featured a Pirates of the Carribean world, which had characters with the likeness of Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann as they did in the movies. The High School Musical World has already been jokingly teased before, but this time Square Enix and Disney confirmed why they are doing it for real.

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