Kingdom Hearts 3 Has Less Disney Worlds Than Kingdom Hearts 2

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Now that it’s slated for a 2018 release, Kingdom Hearts 3 is even more anticipated than it originally was a few years ago. Said excitement was raised when we saw the Toy Story world in action, which looked beautiful and showed just how open some of the game’s worlds are going to be. Fans expecting even more Disney worlds than before will be surprised to know that the third game will actually have less Disney worlds than Kingdom Hearts 2.

Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed the news to Famitsu (per NeoGAF). There were 12 Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts 2, so expect even less from the third game, though it looks like there’ll be enough worlds as Nomura didn’t use Kingdom Hearts 1 as a reference, which had nine worlds. This possibly means there might be a little over nine worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Also,  the scale of each one should make up for it. Each world in the third game is expected to be enormous, and if that Toy Story world was anything to go by, the company isn’t lying at all. Worlds confirmed for the game thus far include the aforementioned Toy Story world, – the first Pixar world in a KH game – Tangled, 100 Acre Wood and Olympus.

Big Hero 6 has also been confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3, but that doesn’t mean it will be it’s own world in the final release. Promo art with Sora and Baymax was seen before, with the two characters teaming up in San Fransokyo. Fans are also hoping to see worlds from Marvel or Star Wars, but nothing has been confirmed thus far, though Square Enix is working on a new Avengers video game that has many excited.

Oddly enough, the developers have stated that all of the worlds would be announced before the game comes out, ruining the surprise of discovering these. DLC worlds might also be added to Kingdom Hearts 3, though that has only been teased and hasn’t been officially confirmed by Square Enix.

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