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Kingdom Hearts 3: Gummi Ships Have Evolved, Says Director

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Neither game will be in E3 this year. [Image from Square Enix]

Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3 remains mostly behind closed doors as we’ve yet to fully see all there is in the game. Although we’ve seen combat, movement and other key features, fans are looking forward to how much Gummi Ships have changed in the upcoming title coming this 2018.

Over at D23, game director Hideo Nomura confirms that Gummi Ships are indeed returning to the game, IGN reports. This shouldn’t be a big surprise as the Gummi Ship has always been the main transportation of Sora, Goofy and Donald when it comes to visiting the various worlds in the game.

The director also notes that Gummi Ships have evolved in the third entry, but he has yet to reveal exactly what changes are being made for it. As expected, there will be a few improvements to the feature in Kingdom Hearts 3. This feature was one of the highly criticized features in the first game and it was highly improved upon in the sequel. However, the Gummi Ships still failed to reach expectations and the third time could be the charm.

The Gummi Ship is a customizable spacecraft in the previous entries. In terms of what players can create, the possibilities are near endless as they have access to an array of parts that can be placed anywhere. Alternatively, players can also use blueprints to create Gummi Ships.

It’s likely that Square Enix will further improve the customization feature in Kingdom Hearts 3. Fans could also be looking for a revamped look to Gummi Ships as in previous entries, Gummi Ships looked like toys. Then again, it’s unlikely for Square Enix to revamp the look at this point.

When it comes to Gummi Ship combat, gameplay is similar to a rail shooter. Square Enix could change the gameplay feature to give players a more open galaxy to fly around in.

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