Kingdom Hearts 3: What It Could Learn From Kingdom Hearts 2.8

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Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix recently launched Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and the game was met with positive response. It got an impressive 34/40 score from Famitsu, with the reviewer praising the depth of the collection. With Kingdom Hearts 3 still in the works, there are a few things that Square Enix could learn from Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

Visuals Are A Must

As with today?s gaming standards, players are always on the lookout for games with amazing visuals. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2- A Fragmentary Passage had really smooth framerates and detailed graphics to boot. The next Kingdom Hearts entry is expected to have the same, if not better, visuals. It would even look and feel better to see Sora and company travel around in highly detailed renditions of famous Disney Worlds.

Effort In Everything

One of the best things about Kingdom Hearts 2.8 was the HD remaster of the 3DS title, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. Fans expected a cheap port of the title for the PS4, but surprisingly, the remaster stands alone pretty well. The game runs on a smooth 60 fps and fans couldn?t be happier. Hopefully, Square Enix will keep exerting 100 percent effort in all aspects of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Stay True To The Series

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2- A Fragmentary Passage gives players a taste of Kingdom Hearts 3 by allowing players to use Aqua. It?s a sample of what to expect from the next entry. Gameplay-wise, A Fragmentary Passage gave players the same fast-paced action we had from the original titles. Square Enix will definitely include a few new gameplay features in the next game, but hopefully, we?ll still get the Kingdom Hearts game we?ve come to know and love.

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