Kingdom Hearts 3 And Final Fantasy 7 Remake Skips E3 2017

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Neither game will be in E3 this year. [Image from Square Enix]

Fans hoping to see Kingdom Hearts 3 or the Final Fantasy 7 Remake in E3 are about to be disappointed. While both titles are heavily anticipated, none of them were advertised for the Square Enix livestream taking place during E3. This will disappoint fans for sure, since the two games will be released in the “next three years.”

The company’s lineup can be seen in the Square Enix Blog, but fans won’t see either game in that list. While there is a Final Fantasy celebration planned, it’s doubtful that this will introduce fans to the FF 7 Remake. Day one will have a Kingdom Come walkthrough, which is clearly not related to Kingdom Hearts in the slightest.

Playing The Waiting Game

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been anticipated since the second game teased a followup back in 2005, hence the heavy anticipation. Similarly, fans have wanted a Final Fantasy 7 Remake ever since Square Enix released a teaser animation for the PS3. Both games have taken their time, and it seems like fans are willing to wait, despite the vague details.

Despite all of this, skipping E3 is still an odd move, since Tetsuya Nomura expressed interest in showing a new FF 7 Remake video. It looks like fans will have to wait for a different event if they want to see the highly anticipated remake in action. A release date isn’t coming anytime soon, so here is hoping we at least get some new details later in the year.

Hip To Be Square (Enix)

While we might not see Kingdom Hearts 3 or the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the company does have some tricks up its sleeve. Final Fantasy 15 will be expanded upon, with the FF 15 Universe feature on June 14, so that’s interesting. The company’s also giving their mobile games some love, with a special announcement for Brave Exvius and Mobius Final Fantasy.

Dissidia Final Fantasy will also be featured, after it was recently announced for the PS4 with an early 2018 release. Cloud Strife will be in it as the “Nameless Soldier,” so fans should get their FF 7 fix. It might not be as anticipated, but there is plenty of excitement for the fighter, since the original PSP games were excellent.

Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be coming to the PS4 in the next three years. The FF 7 Remake might be a temporary exclusive, since FF 15 is also available on the Xbox One.

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