Kingdom Hearts 3: How Gummi Ships Could Evolve

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Square Enix gave us more details about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts entry, and fans are more than excited to see the game launch sometime next year. Combat has been tweaked a bit and it’s most fast-paced than usual, but there are other core gameplay elements that have been improved. One particular gameplay feature fans want to see now is the Gummi Ship.

In the past two entries, Gummi Ships have been the core exploration mechanic. It’s also used during rail shooter sequences that fans weren’t too fond of. Game director Tetsuya Nomura recently revealed that the Gummi Ship has evolved but in what way could’ve Square Enix improved the feature in Kingdom Hearts 3?

A Hub Space

Sora, Donald and Goofy travel from world to world without rest. Aside from a set of menus and the Gummi Ship battles, there’s not much that separate Sora and friends from the adventure. There’s a good chance that Square Enix is going to make the Gummi Ship a hub space for the players as well. It could serve as a neat place to synthesize equipment and so much more.

Better Combat

When Kingdom Hearts 2 arrived, the combat in Gummi Ship battles felt like a rail shooter and many were unhappy with the mini-game take on the potentially awesome feature. Since this didn’t sit well with fans, Square Enix could revamp the combat gameplay again. This time, fans may be looking for more fast-paced aerial action like the ones in Ace Combat.

Open Exploration

The exploration between worlds felt dull in the past entries. It’s been more than a decade since Kingdom Hearts 2 released, and developers now have better tools to create better gameplay systems. Potentially, Square Enix could vastly improve the Gummi Ships gameplay by providing Kingdom Hearts 3 with space exploration features similar to No Man’s Sky.

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