Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 2016 Live Stream: Where To Catch Square Enix’s Game

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Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix is going to have a very big presence in this year?s E3, with a killer lineup of games including Final Fantasy 15, World of Final Fantasy and more. There is one game that fans are wondering about and that is Kingdom Hearts 3, easily the most anticipated sequel in video game history.

While Square Enix recently revealed the release date of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 for the PS4, most fans are looking forward to the official sequel. To be fair, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is vital to the series because the 3DS game, Dream Drop Distance, has story elements that will probably be explored in the third main entry. There is also an exclusive game in the collection that features Aqua from Birth by Sleep, which is an official prequel to Kingdom Hearts 3.

It?s currently unknown if we will be seeing the third Kingdom Hearts sequel in this year?s E3 because Square Enix did not announce it in their lineup. The company?s press conference is tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see if Kingdom Hearts 3 makes some sort of appearance.

Of course, what fans really want from Square Enix is a proper release date for the game. While Kingdom Hearts 2.8 launches this December, no one knows yet when Kingdom Hearts 3 will be coming out. All that?s known so far is the game will come for PS4 and will include a world from Tangled and Big Hero 6, with rumors stating that Marvel and Star Wars-themed worlds are very possible, since Disney acquired their licenses.

Square Enix will have lengthy streams from June 14-16 starting at 11:45am PDT in the first day and 9:45am PDT for the next two days. You can watch the live stream?here and there?s a good chance that we?ll see Kingdom Hearts 3 during the June 14 grand opening.

Even if the latest installment of Kingdom Hearts doesn?t make an appearance in this year?s E3, Sony is currently riding on a very good high. The company announced a new God of War game, the release date for The Last Guardian and Resident Evil 7 with VR support.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will clearly be in the minds of fans when the Square Enix press conference starts tomorrow. Only then will we find out if the game gets announced. In the meantime, fans have Kingdom Hearts 2.8 to look forward to, which comes out this December for PS4.

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